Why You and Your Children Should Have a Dog

We always had dogs in our home growing up. So, it’s probably not a surprise that my siblings and I are dogs owners ourselves today. And, like most dog owners, we love our four-legged friends so much that they’re a part of the family.

However, I know plenty of people who didn’t grow up around dogs. You can only imagine their reluctance when their kids start begging for the family to bring a dog into their home. Thankfully, as long as you have the time and resources, having a dog in your home is beneficial for your family.

Owning a dog makes you healthier and happier.

There are several scientifically proven reasons why being a dog owner is good for adults. These include:

  • Dogs boost your immune system because we’re introduced to more diverse bacteria.
  • Petting a dog lowers heart rates and blood pressure.
  • On average, dog owners get 30 minutes of exercise per day. In fact, dog owners are usually more active than non-dog owners — even during the winter.
  • Dogs owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Also, dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety. Even simply looking at your dog can the amount of oxytocin in your brain.
  • Having a dog can improve your social life since dogs can spark new relationships. Studies have also found that dog owners have closer and more supportive relationships.
  • Some studies show that dogs can detect potential health problems like cancer.

Dogs are good for your children as well.

While some of the benefits listed above can also carry over to your children, here are the reasons why having a dog is good for them:

Final words of advice.

Before making this commitment, take the time to find the right dog for your home. For example, even you or your children have allergies there are plenty of hypoallergic dog breeds. Additionally, you need to find a breed that is best for your lifestyle and the ages of your children. From my personal experience, and the experts agree, Labrador Retrievers, Labradoodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and American Staffordshire Terriers are perfect for families.

However, make sure that you properly introduce the dog to your children before making the commitment. Whenever my parents brought home a dog we meet the dog from the other side of a fence. If the dog snapped at any of us, my parents returned the dog immediately so that none of us would get bit.

For more advice on how to introduce a dog to your children, check out these tips from Preventive Vet.

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