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The Psychology Behind Your Personal Best!

We all want to discover and reach our own personal best. This can be your personal best in any thing that you do. From pickle-ball to sales at work. We all have the things we are the best at doing. The key is tapping into those skills you already possess that can help you find your personal best.

To begin please contemplate the following quote from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right either way.”

This is one of my favorite quotes as it captures the power of our thoughts.

Our mindset is one of the very key components to our success. When I work with people I am often amazed at the underestimation of our thoughts when we have about 50,000 thoughts a day! And about 80% of them are negative! Yikes!

And when antidepressants are the #1 class of medication sold in America we definitely need help in this department.

Changing our thoughts about what we want to accomplish will change the outcome.

Our thoughts need to consistently believe that we can improve. I will share a personal story with you.

I have worked out since my teen years. I have run full and half marathons and completed more triathlons than I can count. In many of these races I have placed in the top 3 of my division. I have also placed in the top of my state — which qualifies me for Nationals. I have been wholeheartedly committed to my personal fitness. In addition to running and triathlons I have cross-trained for YEARS and still I believed I would not be able to do a pull up. I failed at doing them every single time. But rather than giving up and having negative thoughts about pull ups through complaining, quitting, and being jealous of my friends I kept trying. I knew if other people could train their bodies than I could too. I kept training. I am happy to announce that about a month ago I was able to do one true pull-up. This morning I did about 10. You see, I never gave into the thought that I couldn’t do them and now I can!

Retraining your thoughts takes conscious awareness. Use a journal for a few days and note every time you have a negative thought. At the end of the day process those negative thoughts by picking the positive opposite. I also suggest you learn how to follow Carol Dweck’s advice and change your mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Old Thought Example “I hate the extra fat I have on my belly. I wish I had a bigger butt and flatter stomach.” New Thought Example “My body is a masterpiece, loved by myself and my spouse. My body is strong and helps me do everything I want to do in life.” Which thought would you rather experience?

Once you have started getting mastery over your thoughts focus on the energy you put out into the world. If you have cleaned up negative thinking your energy should change too. And when you put positive energy out you get positive energy back. This is a sure-fire way to achieve your personal best. Having good energy around anything helps you succeed as it lines up the perfect scenarios for you! You can also call this law of attraction, faith or even magic.

Energy is bidirectional communication between yourself and outer world.

People naturally possess energy in this life. But it can become discouraged, dampened, and blunted due to life circumstances such as failure, abuse, hardships, and tough times. People who maintain good personal energy despite crappy situations often make positive meaning even in the tough times. They might have a flat tire and instead of complaining they continue to believe everything happens for a reason and maybe they’re being kept from a car accident.

I recently met with a man who was full of positive energy, yet he was serving a 15-year prison sentence. Throughout his years in prison he realized being imprisoned saved his life. He saw all of his peers from the streets die from drug overdoses or gang relations. He now sees the positive side of being in prison. Can you imagine that? His positive energy helped him participate in treatment that has continued to save his life from negative criminal thinking. He will be much more successful upon his release.

People need to tend to this energy to become their personal best. If they continue to fail they need to view it as getting stronger, better, and smarter at what they are doing before they finally succeed.

So far, we have covered changing your thoughts and maintaining positive energy. The final crucial step we will discuss today is taking inspired actions.

Positive Thoughts +Positive Energy + Inspired Actions = Your Personal Best

To be successful we have to take 100% responsibility for our actions and nurture the personal energy we bring to anything we want to accomplish. Once you accept you are 100% responsible for your actions (and responses) to anything you can determine the exact inspired action you need to take to accomplish your goals.

Here are some examples of inspired actions:

-Calling a financial adviser to help you with your wealth goals.

-Running intervals to become faster.

-Attending additional training if you want to be better at something.

-Calling 2 colleagues a week because you want to network a new business.

And so on…

Inspired actions do not mean you reach your goal the first time. Inspired actions are steps to becoming your personal best. I like to call them inspired actions because I have realized whenever I feel compelled or inspired to act it is usually in line with my life purpose. Take time each day to complete several inspired actions. You will see your success grow exponentially!

So again, here is our formula to conceptualize your personal best:

Positive Thoughts +Positive Energy + Inspired Actions = Your Personal Best

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