• Episode #17: Understanding Trauma in the Family

    This week’s podcast focuses on a heavier, yet necessary topic, on how trauma can show up in the family. I’m joined by licensed therapist and mom of 3 Brandy Myers to discuss her work as a trauma therapists. She offers tips on how to talk to your children about tough topics, prevention of trauma, and how to navigate trauma should it occur with one of your children.

  • Episode #5: Understanding Sexual Assault & Strategies to Heal

    I recently published an article that discussed the long-term effects of sexual assault. Since then, there has been a lot of misinformation being spread about how trauma¬† impacts the brain. Because of this I wanted this week’s podcast to explain how trauma from sexual assault actually effects the brain, as well as tips on how the brain can heal from this trauma and how we as a society can prevent sexual assault trauma in the future.

  • Mental Health

    The Long-Term Effects of Sexual Assault

    I write today’s blog post with a heavy heart, broken by all the recent news involving instances of sexual assault and abuse. Since a teen this topic has burdened me greatly. I recall going to my mom around age 16 because 3 of my close friends disclosed to me that they were molested by male babysitters, their mom’s boyfriend, and even their biological grandfather. I could only imagine the heartache and fear my friends experienced. I intuitively knew this would continue to hurt them even after their predator was gone. This information was too much grief for me to cope with alone. I remember my mom commenting that I was…

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