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Show Your Female Confidence in a Male Dominated World

Have you ever felt like the only attention you’ve gotten at work is because of the heels you were wearing, the new dress you have on today, or your new haircut? Or perhaps you have felt the opposite at work? Completely invisible.

There are many contributing reasons why women are forgotten, overlooked, or objectified in their given professions, but today’s post is how to bring that to a halt. Woman are extraordinary, yet their skills are often overlooked. Our discussion today is how to show your female confidence in a male dominated world!

1.) Your Confidence Should Match Your Competence. This rule does applies to ALL jobs, ALL positions, and can be used at ALL times. My business uses a cleaning company and she is very confident about the work they provide. Their company is growing and she hires many other women as she exudes confidence which matches their competence. I have also seen the opposite in a female with an excellent physician feeling worried about speaking up in the workplace. In this situation her confidence did not match her competence, and as a result, she struggled.

2.) Use Assertiveness Skills. Usually when I mention this women immediately negate this thought until I explain it. Assertiveness is NOT aggression. Assertiveness is NOT passivity. Assertiveness is speaking up in a diplomatic, coherent, calm, and direct manner.

3.) Take Time to Reflect. I find that because women are adaptable they take their work culture as it is without taking the time to reflect on what they would like to change about their work. Taking time to reflect and visualize what would their perfect workplace environment be is one step closer to making it happen.

Use these skills daily and see your role as a female morph into a healthy respect from the men around you.

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