Gender Equality

Running Different Rules for Men and Women

I couldn’t believe this news when I heard it!

Many of you know I have run many half and full Marathons.  I can attest to the grueling 26.2 distance! And what’s even more difficult is when the conditions do not line up for you. The Boston Marathon in 2018 had miserable conditions to say the least. In fact, this race had the worst weather conditions since 1970. By the way, 5% of men runners quit the race compared to 3.8% of the women (go us!).

This article discusses the tenacity of women in finishing a rough race and that if this particular runner was a male she would have been rewarded with $15,000! This story highlights that we are still living in a man’s world in so many ways. I am hoping this story inspires you to make a difference in gender equality wherever you are in life.

Finally, I would like to add the 5th place runner drove back to Brooklyn the night of the race and worked a 10 hour shift the following day — just saying.

Read the story in full over at Buzzfeed.


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