• Episode #9: Self-Care for the Working Mom

    This is such a crucial topic for the working mom! I find that we give and give and give all day long. Today’s podcast examines our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors around how we take care of ourselves on a daily basis without making time for ourselves. That’s why this week’s podcast topic could change your life! Sit back and listen as I explain what self-care is, why it’s important, and how to make time for yourself. And, if you’ve enjoyed this podcast please leave an iTunes review!

  • Episode #8: Managing Childhood Stress

    While we hate to see our children deal with stress and anxiety, it is a normal part of childhood. Most of the time this is a phase. This means that the stress and anxiety your child is experiencing is only temporary. For example, if my son made a mistake playing football he may be upset with himself for a day or two. However, if he couldn’t let this go after an extended period of time, then this becomes concerning. In other words, if you believe that your child frequently seems anxious or stressed, you can’t leave that unchecked. If so, they could end-up performing poorly in school or become depressed.…

  • Episode #7: Managing Low Moods & Even Depression

    For this week’s podcast, I want to focus on how to manage the low times we may experience throughout our lives. These moments could be caused by anything from as simple as a change in weather to something more severe like postpartum. With that in mind, during the following discussion I will offer the science behind depression, as well as advice to help yourself and others in this scenario. However, if you feel that there’s no hope, or that you’re going to harm yourself please contact 911, a local crisis hotline, or seek professional help immediately.  

  • Episode #6: Cooperative Parenting: How to Get Along with Another Parent

    Regardless of your marital status, meaning if you’re married or divorced, today’s episode is going to help you navigate on how to co-parent with another parent. This could be anything from what our children are going to have for breakfast to whether of not they should allow their child to play a sport. Ultimately, it all comes down to reaching agreements and being respectful to each other — and our children. Enjoy!

  • Episode #5: Understanding Sexual Assault & Strategies to Heal

    I recently published an article that discussed the long-term effects of sexual assault. Since then, there has been a lot of misinformation being spread about how trauma  impacts the brain. Because of this I wanted this week’s podcast to explain how trauma from sexual assault actually effects the brain, as well as tips on how the brain can heal from this trauma and how we as a society can prevent sexual assault trauma in the future.

  • Episode #2: How to Be the Best Possible You

    In this episode I’m joined by the amazing Jen Kaufmann to discuss body satisfaction, fitness and health, and how to be the best possible you. Jen is a a personal trainer at RISE Fitness + Adventure and and has guest blogged for us before. If you haven’t, check out her article “Why The Gym Is Your #1 Tool.”

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