Episode #8: Managing Childhood Stress

Episode #8: Managing Childhood Stress

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While we hate to see our children deal with stress and anxiety, it is a normal part of childhood. Most of the time this is a phase. This means that the stress and anxiety your child is experiencing is only temporary. For example, if my son made a mistake playing football he may be upset with himself for a day or two. However, if he couldn’t let this go after an extended period of time, then this becomes concerning. In other words, if you believe that your child frequently seems anxious or stressed, you can’t leave that unchecked. If so, they could end-up performing poorly in school or become depressed.

With that in mind, this week’s podcast is a quick discussion of recognizing a stress response in your child’s life and how to best help. It starts with recognition, increasing their awareness, understanding you are a model for your child, brainstorming new responses to stress, and following through on the plan.


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