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Maximize Your Productivity Starting Today With These 8 Strategies!

I might be in the minority when I say this..but I LOVE PRODUCTIVITY!

I get excited when I see my results and recount all that I have accomplished during the day. I love the feeling of crossing things off my list and rattling off to my husband all I have accomplished. However, there are times when I start to feel overwhelmed with all of my obligations, keeping everything (and everyone!) straight, and making sure I do not forget things. In a world swirling with information we at times get lost in the sauce.

Today’s topic is all about how to maximize your productivity by┬ádiscussing preventative and proactive ways to help you build in extra time for yourself and your family.

1. One Thing at a Time

Years ago I would begin a household task and immediately become overwhelmed with what was next. So while I was folding laundry I couldn’t stop thinking about getting dinner started. This meant that I would stop half way through completing the laundry to start dinner.

Although parts of me thought that I was the master of multi-tasking (which we are!) I found I was so much more stressed out! I read the Zen Provide and it cured me! Focus on One Thing at a Time! My next task will be there waiting for me perfectly once I complete what I am currently focused on doing.

The next challenge is having people around you wait for you to complete your one thing at a time. I often redirect my husband and my children to wait until I am done before I jump into their need or want. This minimizes stress and I become more productive as a result.

2. Don’t Delay or Procrastinate

If you fall into the trap of delaying or procrastinating you will resent the task more, feel overwhelmed by it, or if you are like me, may even forget about it!

Acting on tasks as they arise helps maximize your productivity. And if you are still completing something, make a quick note to come back to something in a minute. Acting on something in the moment helps you keep track of your many demands and increases what you accomplish in a day.

3. Act When You are Inspired

I love this one!

Many people are inspired but they rarely act on that inspiration. Practice listening to your intuition and thoughts about tasks, demands, and jobs. When you feel inspired to do your spring cleaning or write that quarterly report get moving on it…now.

Inspired actions are the MOST PRODUCTIVE of all!

4. Set Intentions Daily

Setting daily intentions is a great follow up to acting when you are inspired. Sometimes we don’t FEEL inspired. Setting daily intentions in the morning of or the night before can increase your productivity by setting the stage for what’s next.

There are many ways to set intentions such as making lists, setting reminders on your phone, reviewing it with your partner, writing it in a journal, or rehearsing it in your mind.

5. Make Lists

This is a tried and true way to manage daily demands.

I have a highly organized friend who makes a daily list of things to do today, things to do in the future, and things she needs from the store. Everyday she fills these quadrants in and crosses over items as needed. I should mention she owns a business, works another job, has 4 kids, and stays healthy and fit! All of this is possible by her organizational system.

6. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate

This is a tough one for us!

Even tough we are super-humans, it is necessary to have others help you carry the burden — especially if it’s not your zone of genius or not worth your time.

Many of you know I am a practicing psychologist. This is my specialty, my passion, and where I make money. I am also a business owner and need to tend to insurance matters and billing at times. Managing this is OK but if I did ALL this work on my own I would not be successful as a psychologist. This is an area I have delegated to others.

Think about your world and where others can help you. Even if its having your children put their dirty clothes in the laundry room or having your administrative assistant handling your scheduling, this takes things off your plate to be more productive

7. Celebrate Your Wins

Instead of just moving on to the next thing take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished. I believe we have behavioral momentum. When we reflect on our accomplishments it reinforces us to keep pushing forward.

8. Show Yourself Grace

Although women are exceptional beings we are not perfect. Take some time to extend grace to yourself when needed. If you mess up, forget something, or don’t get done one of your goals show yourself some grace and kindness.

I hope these tips will help get you rolling, productive, and assertive in accomplishing your fullest potential! If you have productivity tips, let us know in the comments.

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