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Marriage Tips On-The-Go!

For many years I promised that my husband and I would never be that couple who has to schedule time together. Regardless of this intention, here we are. Between baseball, soccer, school, work, and household demands scheduling a date night has become necessary — even if you just want to watch a movie at home.

Since our lives are bombarded with information, stimulation, and busy schedules I want to take a minute to help you prioritize your marriage  while on-the-go!

1. Act on it when you are inspired.

Meaning when you are thinking about your partner send them a cute text, bitmoji, or email. Don’t let the entire day pass you by without checking-in with your partner in a positive way. Resist the urge to only send task oriented things like “don’t forget to take out the trash” or “soccer starts at 6pm”

Simply put, show a little love throughout the day.

2. Use the 6 second kiss for hellos and goodbyes.

John Gottman, marriage guru, recommends that your kisses — either when your greet your partner or say goodbye — should be 6 seconds longer. Although we are talking about mere seconds you will not believe the difference in easing daily tension this sing of affection makes.

3. Create the time to communicate.

Doing this will avoid a ton of time arguing!

Many couples I work with assume they know what their partner means or wants. They read hidden messages in their interactions which creates huge problems in their relationships. Avoid assumptions and take the time to explore what your partner is truly saying in the most non-defensive way possible. 

There you have it! 3 tips to getting you started on a more intimate marriage starting today!

How do you encourage more intimacy in your marriage? 

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