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Good News for the Dissatisfied, Stressed, and Over-Worked Mom

Today’s discussion is to offer hope for all of the stressed out, over worked, and dissatisfied mom’s of the world.

As a mom things pile up. We are responsible for ourselves, our spouses, our children, our homes, our pets, our jobs, our laundry, our yards, and the list goes on and on. This can feel overwhelming and insurmountable on most days of the week. But today I am going to offer you another option.

The option is not to escape your reality, although at times that is necessary, but to change our perspective of our situations. First, please note our perception is our reality. Second, we are in complete control of our perception. Finally, if we are in control of our perception we are 100% responsible for our reality.

Since we are in control of our reality via our perception its time to rework our perception. I have been practicing changing my thinking patterns for years now and more intentionally in 2018. Tonight it was 8pm and I was still doing a load of laundry. I realized within that moment of time I was enjoying the moment. I found myself being thankful for my sophisticated laundry system (having a washer and dryer!), many clothes to fill it, quality detergent to wash our clothes, and recalling the moments we enjoyed as a family wearing the very clothes I was washing.  Gratitude is the force that keeps us center. Without gratitude we are left searching, wanting, longing, and dissatisfied with what we do not have in our lives.

So the good news for the dissatisfied, stressed, and over-worked mom…practice gratitude on a daily basis. In fact, practice being thankful everyday is how you change your world right now. Like everything else in life the more you practice the better you become at naturally seeing all the abundance you have in your world.

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