Falling Into a Rhythm And Flow With Time

This week we have a guest post from Athena Allread, a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner and co-owner of Lanikai Wellness studio.

Take it away Athena…

I counsel men and women daily on relationships of all sorts and I very much love writing on the topic of relationships. But today I’m looking at a very particular relationship that we are all in.

Our relationship with Time.

At times I feel like my relationship with Time is like an arranged marriage with someone I never had a say in committing to. But this relationship is here to stay. I can’t divorce Time itself; But what I can do is I can divorce my old relationship with time and uncover a new one. I can learn to live in Harmony with Time. I can learn to dance and flow in rhythm with Time. And in becoming harmonic dance partners, I believe I can fall in love with Time. I’m committing to learning this dance, perfecting it, falling in love and having a healthy happy relationship with Time for the remainder of this lifetime (and hopefully into the next!).

The first step in this new relationship is to adjust perspectives on commitment

I was in a meditation recently, asking my Spirit guides about the concept of time, and I was shown a combination lock. The dial on the combination lock resembled a clock. And I realized that in my fear of commitment, my aversion to commitment, there laid a limiting belief about the idea of commitments being locks. I realized that I believed that if I committed to some ‘thing’ than I would be locking myself into that ‘thing’ and lacking freedom to do other things. And this belief didn’t feel good!

So I decided to explore further…

And this time exploring the possibilities of a new relationship with Time, in meditation I was shown a time signature in a line of sheet music.

If you’re unfamiliar with sheet music I’ll give you a quick overview…

In order to read, play or dance to music, you follow the rhythm of its meter, the beat used when dancing, clapping or tapping your foot along with a song. When reading music, the meter is presented with a top and bottom number, similar to a fraction, and this is called the song’s time signature. The top number representing the number of beats to a measure (space between bars), and the bottom number the breakdown of notes per beat.

How does the musical time signature help us to fall in love with Time?

Once we understand our unique time signature, our allowed space for music and dance between each bar, we can begin to feel into the rhythm. This is knowing our ‘tempo’, the spacing between beats. Tempo guides us in how fast or slow our dance can flow.

I invite you to try to look at each day as one long beautiful time signature. Begin to look at your day as a series of spaces between bars. Find your own tempo, your own rhythm and flow for moving between bars. As a working mom of 3, I have begun to breakdown my day into the following bars.

Bar 1: 6:45am-8:40am faster tempo

| wake up, meditate, flow freely (45 minutes) |

| Get self and kids dressed (30 minutes) |

| Eat, pack lunches and play (40 minutes)

Bar 2: 8:40am-9:30am slow tempo

| Transit time. In car. Kid drop-off. Music, phone, audio books |

Bar 3: 9:30am-2:45pm smooth tempo

| Work, school flow |

Bar 4: 2:45pm-4:15pm slow tempo

| Transit time. In car. Kid pick-up. Music, phone, audio books |

Bar 5: 4:30pm-8:00pm faster tempo

| get settled, snacks, play, write, flow freely (90 minutes) |

| Cook, eat, clean (60 minutes) |

| Baths, kids dressed for bed, story, bedtime (60 minutes) |

Bar 6: 8:30pm-10pm slow tempo

|Rest, shower, self-care, bedtime ritual, read, sleep |

Try playing with your own time sample Rhythm of Day Time Signature layout.

When you find yourself with time ‘commitments’ , try looking at them as unique bars for that day. Opportunities to move to a new beat! With a little pre-planning and foresight we can fall into a beautiful harmonic rhythm each day.

Athena Allread, 200 RYT, Contemporary Shaman

Athena Allread is a writer and practicing shaman in the quaint Beach town of Lewes, Delaware. Athena incorporates traditional shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval and shamanic journey into a fusion of past life regression work, intuitive readings and Spirit therapy, reiki and chakra healing. She is co-owner of Lanikai Wellness studio and mother of 3 children ages 3, 5 and 14. Athena enjoys dancing, writing and teaching others how to work with the Angels and other loving helpers of the Spirit World.

Learn more about her and her work at

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