Work Life Balance

Being at the Bottom of Your Own To-Do List

How many times a day do you feel like you just do not have enough time!?!?

For me this happens regularly. In fact, the strength of almost every woman I meet is putting other people before themselves. This is truly one of our finest attributes. However our greatest strengths are often our weaknesses. Sort of like, too much of a good thing.

Today I am going to give you techniques to get yourself on your To-Do List.

Tip #1 Schedule your “me time” within the work week.

If I want to schedule time away from work I schedule that within my work week — just as if it were any other work obligation. If your children are scheduled to be in school from 7-3pm take time off from work to get a pedicure, massage, or to sit in a calm place during the time that they are taken care of. This is one way you can have time for yourself without interrupting your family schedule.

Remember, your workplace offers time off for a reason!

Tip #2 Set boundaries around your needs.

We have all heard this before and that’s for good reason. It’s OK to say no!

Again many women find this difficult. They “feel bad” when they have to set a boundary or limitation to their own needs. However, setting these boundaries actually make you a better you. Set boundaries around around working out, spending time with friends, pampering yourself, and taking time to relax.

Tip #3 Ask for help.

I am really bad about this! Somewhere in my mind I believed I could do it all! However, this is a recipe for disaster in the long run. Asking for help allows you to delegate your responsibilities; therefore, creating more space for yourself.

What techniques do you use to schedule time for yourself?

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