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8 Reasons Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs

Starting my own business was one of the most nerve racking and rewarding experiences in my life. It was definitely a risk that has thankfully paid-off. While there are still times when I get stressed out, I never regret my decision to become a business owner.

The same can be said about becoming a mom.

In fact, I believe that if I weren’t a mom I wouldn’t have ever started my own business — let alone maintain a successful business. That’s because being a mom has given me the bravery, vulnerability, strength, and level-headness to succeed in business.

That’s just not unique to me. I believe the same can be said of each and every mother who wishes to follow their dreams and start their own business. That’s because motherhood qualifies you to become a great entrepreneur because of the following eight reasons.

1. We’re strong and resilient.

I always prided myself on my a strong individual. But I truly didn’t realize how strong I was until I became a mother.

There were times when I was exhausted after work or sick from a cold. But I still had to wake-up when my child was crying. Put on a smile and play with them in the yard. Cook dinner, do laundry, or run them to soccer practice. Moms don’t get sick days.

There have also been times when I’ve had to stare fear down in the face — like when my son was in the hospital with a terrible sinus infection so bad it could have impaired his sight. I couldn’t let him see that fear. I had to be strong and resilient for him. It was tough. But I did it.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get sick days either. You have to show-up to work when you’re sick, tired, and burned out. You have to do hard things that you would have never done before — whether if that’s speaking in front of a crowd or having to let an employee go.

Being a mom has made me stronger and more resilen — which I now use as a business owner.

2. We know how to keep our composure.

Moms are used to stress and drama — like tantrums or consulting your child when they’ve injured themselves. We can’t panic or melt down. We have to stay calm, cool, and collected.

Running a business also comes with it’s fair share of drama. Sometimes you deal with angry customers or clients or face a financial setbacks. It’s enough to make you question if you should keep going. But, you keep composure and do what you have to do. Then, when you get a small win, it reminds you why you started your own business in the first place.

3. We’re skilled negotiators.

Entrepreneur and mom Yael Kochman described this perfectly in an article she wrote for Fast Company;

“You think it’s hard selling your solution to a potential customer or negotiating a deal? Try selling vegetables to a stubborn five-year-old! Believe me, if you have kids, you must already be a great negotiator. Closing deals is a piece of cake for you.”

4. We excel at time management.

Time management isn’t easy — I still struggle with it occasionally. However, I’ve gotten better after I became mom. That’s because I had a lot more free time on hands — which meant I wasted some of it on unproductive activities.

As a mom, you have to get the most out of your time. More importantly, you have to learn how to prioritize and become organized. You may want to binge-watch Netflix all day, but that time needs to be spent elsewhere — like cleaning or going to the gym. Don’t have time for something? Then you can ask your spouse or kids to help out.

Entrepreneurs, like moms, know when and where they have to invest their time. If something doesn’t help you accomplish your long-term goals, then it’s not a priority and should either be eliminated from your schedule or delegated to someone else.

5. We already wear multiple hats…but also know when to ask for help.

Moms wear several hats. We’re teachers, cooks, chauffeurs, doctors, and therapists. And if we don’t possess a certain skills, we’re not afraid to ask other moms or seek out expert advice.

Entrepreneurs also wear multiple hats. They’re accountants, marketers, salespeople, and managers. But, successful entrepreneurs also know when to call-in an expert when it’s time.

For example, when I opened my practice I did all the bookkeeping and payroll. I was a capable at the basics, but it was better to outsource this to an expert as the business grew. It saved me time and stress.

6. We have superior problem solving skills.

Moms deal with problems and emergencies all day. But we don’t have the luxury to think it over. We need think on our foot and take immediate action.

The same is true for entrepreneurs. When there’s a crisis you need to quickly solve problems.

7. We have natural leadership instincts.

Moms make amazing leaders. After all, we’re not shaken easily, we’re resourceful, can handle juggle multiple responsibilities, inspire and influence others, and be both sympathetic and firm. We also have great intuition.

All of those traits are needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

8. We’re empathetic, but not soft on the rules.

Finally, moms need to be emphatic and understanding to our kids. At the same time, we have to be firm and set boundaries. This way there’s no resentment between you and your kids because you listen to each other, but you’re not letting the other control the situation.

Entrepreneurs need empathy to understand the pain points of their customers. That’s why you started your own business in the first place. You wanted to help others by solving a problem. At the same, you have to be firm. This could be not letting anyone else change your vision, letting an employee get away with subpar work, or not letting work interfere with your family vacation.

If you still don’t believe you’d make a great entrepreneur, watch this excellent TedTalk from Jill Salzman.

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