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25 Apps Every Busy Mom Needs to Download Right Now

If you have a little downtime — which I know is rare — download these 25 apps. They’ll make life much easier for you as both a mother and professional.

1. Picniic

This isn’t just an app. It’s a family assistant where you can create and share a family calendar, create to-do-lists, and store medical information in the ‘info locator.’ There’s also a family locator so that you know where everyone in your household is and there’s even space to create shopping lists and save online content like recipes.

2. ContinuousCare

With CoutinousCare you can store upcoming appointments and medical reports in one location. You can also ask health specialists medical questions and monitor any treatments. If your doctor uses Virtual Practice then you can schedule video consults and follow-ups directly from your phone.

3. Cozi

This app is similar to Picniic in that you can share schedules, appointments, to-do-lists, and grocery lists with your family. You can even share picture and a family journal as well. Having this app keeps everyone on the same page and makes like a little less chaotic.

4. Yowza!!

Instead of searching online for the best deals online and in your area you can use the Yowa!! app.

5. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is your own private social network for your neighborhood so that you can stay up-to-date on the most important information and events happening in your community. You can also use the app to find babysitters, plan events, and share safety tips.

6. Happy Kids Timer

Is it a struggle to have you kids brush their teeth or make their bed? If so, this app can save the day by walking your children their eight common morning activities so that they’ll be motivated to establish a morning routine on their own without your supervision.

7. Bambino

Originally launched in select cities in 2016, this app is near available in more than 50 cities around the country. You can use Bambino to search and find trusted babysitters in your community. If you’re unsure you can get in-touch with local parents for recommendations. You can also book and pay the sitter directly in the app.

8. Playground Buddy

This has a database of over 200,000 playgrounds worldwide. This way you can locate a playground whenever you’re out and about. Playground Buddy also lets you view the playground so that you can see what features are available before visiting.

9. Sworkit

I love going to gym. But there are days when you just can’t make it in. That’s when you can use the Sworkit app. It allows you to create a customized workout including yoga, cardio, or strength training based on time availability and fitness level.

10. TaskRabbit

After a hectic day the last thing that you want to worry about is running errands like going to the store or putting together a piece of furniture. With TaskRabbit you can list the tasks you need to get done and then get matched with “taskers” to do them for you. It’s a real time-saver!

11. Chorma

If you need help getting your kids to help out with chores then Chorma was designed just for you. Your family can earn points whenever they complete their chores. Once they’ve earned enough points they can redeem them for rewards.

12. Remember the Milk

This is a handy to-do-list app where you can share lists and tasks with others. You can jot down notes, assign due dates, and connect to your Gmail and Google Calendar accounts. This makes the app useful for both your household and at work if managing a team.

13. GoKid

GoKid is a carpool app that lets you create carpools with other parents. Now you can split rides with other parents whenever your kids need a lift to school, football practice, or any other after school activities they need to attend. You’ll even receive reminders so that you won’t forget when it’s your turn.

14. Moms Pump Here

We’ve all been in that situation when we have to nurse but can’t find a comfortable, quiet, and private location. Thankfully Moms Pump Here solve that problem by providing locations for nursing rooms and lactation pods.

15. Out of Milk

This shopping list app lets you keep a pantry inventory and save ingredients and recipes to your list or with a barcode scan. You’ll also receive alerts when you’re pantry is running low or when there’s a deal on the products you frequently purchase.

16. Keepy

I cherish everything that my kids make. But, I also can’t stand too much clutter. Keepy handles this problem by allowing to you store and organize your children’s artwork, awards, report cards, and schoolwork digitally. You can then easily share their items with other family members or order prints, gifts, and photo books.

17. TripCase

I travel for work quite a bit for work. The TripCase app makes this a little less stressful since it keeps all of me information like air travel, hotel bookings, attraction ticketing, and rental car information in one convenient location.

18. CamCard

CamCard scans and organizes business cards so that you can easily find them when you need to follow-up with other professionals. It’s so much better than manually entering contact information. Other features include being able to add notes, receive notifications when a contact receive a promotion or when their organization is in the news, and being able to exchange ecards.

19. Timyo

Have you ever sent an email that you wanted the recipient to respond to ASAP? Unless you clearly expressed that, they probably weren’t aware of that. Timyo provides this clarity by setting deadlines so that the recipient knows if they have to reply and by when.

20. White Noise App

This apps plays music and other background noises like waves crashing to help you or your baby sleep, relax, or meditate. You can even use it to block out distractions when working.

21. Peanut

Peanut is an app that helps you connect with other moms located in your community based on interests. After you’ve connected with a like-minded mother you can schedule a meet-up. It’s like Tinder, but just for moms.

22. Rise/ThinkUp

Rise is an Android app that helps working mom deal with stress and guilt through positive affirmations.

For iPhone users you’ll want to download the positive affirmations app ThinkUp.

Remember, when you change your thinking you can change you life.

23. Starbucks

I used to work at a Starbucks when I was in college. Since I’ve seen how their business operates first hand I’ve been a loyal supporter. Now as I working mom I rely on Starbucks to give me that little pick-me-up when needed. Having the app allows me to order ahead and receive rewards.

24. Google Apps

If you sign up for a Gmail account then you have access to Drive, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, Trips, and Duo. Having all of these apps means that you can easily communicate and collaborate with others, as well as create presentations and organize your life. I love that when I book a flight with Gmail it’s automatically added to my calendar so that I can receive reminders right to my phone.

25. Find My Phone Apps

Finally, here are three apps you should download if you ever lost your phone. Considering that my daughter loves playing with my phone losing my phone this happens frequently.

If you don’t look the apps listed above your phone carrier and manufacturer either offer this service or have the feature built-in to your phone.

Which apps do you think every busy mom should download?

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