Expert Guidance

Receive expert guidance on family, parenting and professional topics from Dr. Katie Elder. Pro Mom's Club is designed to have easy access for on-the-go professional women.

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Social Support

We offer social support to women just like you. Pro Mom's Club is a select amount of women committed to self-growth and professional development. With your membership you can connect to others.

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Live Coaching for Members Only

Full members will have access to live coaching sessions where they can schedule time with Dr. Elder to work through topics of their choosing. Members will have access to join the live coaching session to help everyone with their own growth

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Pro Mom's Club

You watch your kids and family grow but as a working mom you miss watching yourself grow. Pro Mom's Club is here to help you.

Pro Mom's Club is part of a self-care plan focusing on your personal growth through expert guidance and social support. Here to help you along the way is Dr. Katie Elder who is a psychologist (and mother of four).

As a member you will receive information on topics varying from parenting strategies, professional development, marital solutions, and most of all how to be the BEST YOU!

Moms have the HARDEST job on earth. And a mom with a profession feels even more impossible at times. Pro Mom's Club is here to help you have it all and build an incredible social network with moms just like you!



Full access to Pro Mom's Club will be available by joining as a member starting September 4. Membership will be limited to the first 100 moms! Membership includes unlimited access to blog discussions, social support, podcasts, webinars, and live coaching sessions.

If you don't miss out on this limited opportunity then subscribe for our email subscription today.

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